Kieler Woche
16 - 24 June 2018

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Marrai tiebreaks his way to Laser gold at Kiel Week

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On a windy final day at Kiel Week, Francesco Marrai charged past his rivals to clinch Laser gold by the smallest of margins on the final day of Kiel Week. Marrai’s fourth place in the Medal Race was sufficient to put him on equal points with Karl Martin Rammo, but it was the Italian’s better placing in the Medal Race that clinched victory ahead of the Estonian who had to settle for silver.
Francesco Marrai Laser class. Photo: Kieler Woche /

Marrai was beside himself with excitement. “To come into the race not wearing a bib [for one of the top three places] and to win here in Kiel Week is a dream come true. I remember watching Philipp Buhl win so easily here before, he is the master of Kiel, and I said to myself, one day I want to win like him, and here I am!” Buhl was hoping for another medal this week, and gold was well within his grasp. But after finishing last in the Medal Race the German fell to sixth overall, so close were the points in this 132-boat fleet.

Silvia Zennaro Laser Radial class. Photo: Kieler Woche / okPress

In the Laser Radial, Silvia Zennaro of Italy dominated the week to win gold for Italy. The bigger battle was for silver and bronze between two Turkish team mates. Ecem Guzel won the Medal Race which was sufficient to give her silver, four points ahead of Nazli Donertas.

The duel for 470 Women’s gold went right down to the wire, with Frederike Loewe and Anna Markfort coming second in the Medal Race, ahead of Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Irmina Gliszczynska who were fourth. This put the two teams on equal points, but the tiebreak gave gold to Germany and silver to Poland.

Mathew Belcher and Will Ryan 470er class. Photo: Kieler Woche /

It was much more straightforward in the Men’s 470. Mat Belcher and Will Ryan took a while to get up to full speed but the Aussie Olympic medallists ground down their opposition to win the 470 Medal Race and take the gold medal by 20 points ahead of the Russians, Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov.

Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey 49er FX Class. Photo: Kieler Woche /

In the 49er FX, Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey won gold in fine style, winning the Medal Race and beating the Rio Olympic silver medallists - Alex Maloney and Molly Meech from New Zealand - into second place. Tidey commented: “We teamed up in January this year and we’ve been working our way up the colour of medals so to win the gold today feels great.” Dobson added: “We wanted to get a good start and then go wherever the Kiwi girls went. It’s so easy for things to change on this race course, it’s so gusty and shifty, and you can never take anything for granted.”

David Gilmour ans Joel Turner 49er class. Photo: Kieler Woche /

David Gilmour and Joel Turner have been the masters of the Men’s 49er for most of the week, the Australians winning comfortably ahead of Lukasz Przybytek and Pawel Kolodzinski from Poland, with another Australian crew, brothers Will and Sam Phillips taking bronze. 49er rookie Robert Scheidt and Gabriel Borges started the week well, finishing the first day in third overall. But as the wind built during the week, so did Scheidt fall further down the fleet. However, the legendary five-time Olympic medallist from Brazil is still finding his feet on the skiff after a lifetime of sitting-down boats and he will gradually work out how to master the 49er, even at the ripe old age of 44.

Thomas Zajac and Barbara Matz Nacra17 class. Photo: Kieler Woche /

Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Thomas Zajac with new crew Barbara Matz has led the Nacra 17 fleet for most of the week and today the Austrians sealed the deal with victory in the Medal Race. Jan Erichsen and Ann Kristin Wedemeyer of Germany sailed to an easy silver ahead of bronze medallists from Russia, Maksim Semenov and Alina Shchetinkina.

 Deniss Karpak Finn class. Photo: Kieler Woche / okPress

Anders Pedersen sailed out of his skin to take the Finn medal race and almost managed to smash and grab his way to gold. But the Estonian Deniss Karpak did enough to clinch gold by two points from the charging Norwegian who took silver, just three points in front of Croatian sailor Nenad Bugarin. London 2012 Olympic Champion in the Star, Sweden’s Max Salminen started the day in pole position but slumped to fourth place, just a point off the podium.

It’s been a wild, windy week in Kiel and there has been some impressive talent in the Olympic classes. Some of them will be back in a month’s time for the combined European Championships in the 49er, 49er FX and Nacra 17 classes. For the Nacra, it will be the first time that the Olympic catamaran will be up and flying on its full-foiling package.

If you want to track back through all the stories, the photos and the TV footage from Kiel Week, go to or find ‘Kiel Week’ on Facebook.


2.4mR (Para Worlds):
(10) 1. Heiko Kröger (Ammersbek,4/2/4(5)5/1/1/3/1/5) Punkte 26; 2. Matthew Bugg (AUS,5(22)3/3/1/3/5/1/5/1) 27; 3. Damien Seguin (FRA,7/1/2/4/2/2/6/5(8)2) 31; 4. Bjørnar Erikstad (NOR,9(11)1/2/6/5/3/2/3/8) 39; 5. Antonio Squizzato (ITA,7.2/7.2/7/1/3/11(13)8/4/3) 51.4; 6. Bruno Jourdren (FRA,2/7(15)9/9/7/2/9/6/7) 58;

(13) 1. David Gilmour / Joel Turner (AUS, 1/4/3/1(20)2/5/4/7/6/4/5/4) Punkte 46; 2. Lukasz Przybytek / Pawel Kolodzinski (POL,5/7/2/3/10/6/3(21)1/5/10/10/14) 76; 3. Will Phillips / Sam Phillips (AUS,2/25/12/6(36)1/1/1/6/2/9/3/10) 78; 4. Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel (Kiel,14/1/3/5/6/5/2/13/12,2/14(36)4/6) 85.2; 5. Jacopo Plazzi / Andrea Tesei (ITA,7/6(19)10/8/9/9/5/10/1/1/11/12) 89; 6. Justus Schmidt / Max Boehme (Kiel,(36)19/6/2/3/12/6/2/13/4/15/8/2) 92; 7. Uberto Crivelli Visconti / Gianmarco Togni (ITA, 3/8/11/7(22)13/14/10/4/3/6/2/16) 97; 8. Dominik Buksak / Szymon Wierzbicki (POL,10/2/5/3/10(36)11/8/23/7/3/12/8) 102; 9. Mads Emil Stephensen Lübeck / Nikolaj Hoffmann Buhl (POL,13/9(28)2/2/3/8/3/12/19/12/1/22) 106; 10. Jorge Lima / José Luis Costa (POR,(36)4/16/4/4/10/12/7/2/11/7/15/18) 110;

49er FX:

(13) 1. Charlotte Dobson / Saskia Tidey (GBR,(16)4/5/1/3/11/4/1/5/5/1/2/2) Punkte 44; 2. Alexandra Maloney / Molly Meech (NZL,4/1(17)3/11/2/1/2/1/6/10/8/8) 57; 3. Enia Nincevic / Petar Cupac (CRO,15/6/4/4/1/4(25)5/18/2/4/4/4) 71; 4. Tina Lutz / Susann Beucke (GER,1/5/16/3/3/2/6/4/9/8(20)3/16) 76; 5. Noora Ruskola / David Liebenberg (FIN,13(19)11/6/8/7/2/6/11/1/8/1/6) 80; 6. Victoria Jurczok / Anika Lorenz (Kiel,(25)1/1/4/4/1/10/11/13/13/5/5/12) 80; 7. Gwendal Lamay / Luke Willim (Hamburg,10/8/7/2/6/4/5/12/2/3(13)10/18) 87; 8. Kate Macgregor / Sophie Ainsworth (GBR,2/11/6/11/2/8/7/3(17)7/9/11/14) 91; 9. Klara Wester / Rebecca Netzler (SWE,7/5/5/12/4(15)3/14/3/4/6/13/22) 98; 10. Dewi Couvert / Jeske Kisters (NED,5/10/14/1/2/12/9/9/4/10(18)17/10 )103;

Nacra 17:
(15) 1. Thomas Zajac / Barbara Matz (AUT,(4)1/1/1/1/3/4/3/1/2/1/2/1/1/2) Punkte 24; 2. Jan Hauke Erichsen / Ann Kristin Wedemeyer (Flensburg,1/3/3/2/2/1/3/1/3/3(16)1/3/2/6) 34; 3. Maksim Semenov / Alina Shchetinkina (RUS,3(6)2/6/3/4/1/2/2/4/5/3/2/6/5) 48; 4. Alica Stuhlemmer / Tom Heinrich (Kiel,(5(7)5/3/7/5/2/4/6/1/3/5/7/5/8) 66; 5. Kevin Bonnevie / Isaura Maenhaut (BEL,2/2/4(16)4/8/6/6/5/9/2/4/4/9/10) 75; 6. Viatcheslav Sheludyakov / Kristina Sulima (RUS, 7/5/8/4/5/2(10)5/4/6/7/8/6/7/22) 96; 7. Shibuki Iitsuka (JPN,6/4/6/7/6/6/8/7/7/7/6(10)5/4/22) 101; 8. Anne-Line Lyngsø Thomsen / Jakob Faarvang (DEN,9/8/10/5/8/7/5/7.4/7.4/7.4/4/7(11)3/14) 102.2; 9. Calle Sørensen / Malene Christensen (DEN,11/10(13)8/9/10/12/10/8/5/8/9/10/10/22) 142; 10. Alex Philpott / Jess D-Arcy (GBR,13/13/9/12/10/11/7(16)16/16/16/6/9/8/12) 158;

(10) 1. Deniss Karpak (EST,3/1/5/1/3/2/4(37)8/10) Punkte 37; 2. Anders Pedersen (NOR,(10)6/8/5/2/5/3/6/2/2) 39; 3. Nenad Bugarin (CRO,2/2/3(10)8/10/2/5/6/4) 42; 4. Max Salminen (SWE,(11)7/1/2/1/1/11/3/1/16) 43; 5. Josip Olujic (CRO,5(21)2/6/5/4/6/7/3/18) 56; 6. Milan Vujasinovic (CRO,9/4/7/8(37)3/7/4/4/12) 58; 7. Piotr Kula (POL,16/5/4/3/7/7/9(37)5/14) 70; 8. Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS,6/8/10/7/4/6/5(37)11/20) 77; 9. Luke Muller (USA,1/16/6/21/11/14/8/1(37)8) 86; 10. Peter Mccoy (GBR,(37)22/9/11/6/16/1/8/9/6) 88;
470 M: (9) 1. Mathew Belcher / Will Ryan (AUS,2/2/1/1/1/1(3)2/2) Punkte 12; 2. Pavel Sozykin / Denis Gribanov (RUS,9(10)2/2/2/4/1/8/4) 32; 3. Daichi Takayama / Kimihiko Imamura (JPN,5/9/4/6/6/2(28)3/6) 41; 4. Simon Diesch / Philipp Autenrieth (Deggenhausertal,7/4/3/3(28)6/4/1/16) 44; 5. David Bargehr / Lukas Mähr (AUT,3/1(8)5/8/7/8/5/10) 47; 6. Malte Winkel / Matti Cipra (Schwerin,1(28)5/8/3/5/7/4/14) 47; 7. Kazuto Doi / Naoya Kimura (JPN,6(28)6/4/4/3/2/7/18) 50; 8. Chris Charlwood / Josh Dawson (AUS,13/3/7/7/5(16)5/6/8) 54; 9. Sho Kaminoki / Taisei Hikida (JPN,4/8/13/12(20)9/6/10/12) 74; 10. Maciej Sapiejka / Adam Krefft (POL,8/7/9/9/7/11/9(12)20) 80;

470 W:
(9) 1. Frederike Loewe / Anna Markfort (Greifswald,2/1(4)2/3/3/1/4/4) Punkte 20; 2. Agnieszka Skrzypulec / Irmina Mrózek Gliszczynska (POL,3(8)1/1/1/1/3/2/8) 20; 3. Fabienne Oster / Anastasiya Krasko (Hamburg,9/4/3/6(19)2/4/5/2) 35; 4. Carrie Smith / Jaime Ryan (AUS,1/5(7)7/2/4/2/3/16) 40; 5. Nia Jerwood / Monique De Vries (AUS,6(9)6/5/4/6/5/1/12) 45; 6. Nadine Böhm / Ann- Christin Goliaß (Buchloe,4/2/2/4/5/7(9)7/14) 45; 7. Luise Wanser / Helena Wanser (Hamburg,5/7(12)8/8/9/7/6/6) 56; 8. Theres Dahnke / Birte Winkel (Plau)7/3/9/9/7(10)6/10/10) 61; 9. Olivia Bergström / Lovisa Karlsson (SWE,11(15)5/3/6/5/8/11/20) 69; 10. Constanze Stolz / Anna Reinsberg (Kiel,8/14/8(15)9/11/10/8/18) 86;

Laser Standard:
(10) 1. Francesco Marrai (ITA,2/4/1/4/2/3/6(12)4/8) Punkte 34; 2. Karl-Martin Rammo (EST,(8)2/1/1/1/4/3/3/3/16) 34; 3. Jack Wetherell (GBR,4(10)4/3/3/4/9/9/1/2) 39; 4. Hermann Tomasgaard (NOR,1(11)3/2/4/2/5/6/2/14) 39; 5. Sergei Komissarov (RUS,2/7/3/3/3/1/12(13)7/4) 42; 6. Philipp Buhl (Sonthofen,3(19)2/1/1/1/1/4/9/20) 42; 7. Maxim Nikolaev (RUS,2/10/1/5/4/3/10/10(16)6) 51; 8. Enrique Arathoon (ESA,1/8/2/1/1/2/22/7(45)12) 56; 9. Filip Ciszkiewicz (POL,6/9/5/2/5/15/2(40)11/10) 65; 10. Eliot Merceron (FRA,11(13)6/8/2/9/4/2/6/18) 66;

Laser Radial:
(9) 1. Silvia Zennaro (ITA,1(8)1/1/1/1/5/1/14) Punkte 25; 2. Ecem Guzel (TUR,8(12)2/2/3/4/9/10/2) 40; 3. Nazli Cagla Donertas (TUR,(38)14/1/1/3/3/1/3/18) 44; 4. Joyce Floridia (ITA,(38)2/7/4/2/11/8/5/8) 47; 5. Vasileia Karachaliou (GRE,1/1/9/6/8(10)2/4/16) 47; 6. Erika Reineke (USA,3/3/9/7/6/6/13(14)4) 51; 7. Maria Erdi (HUN,12(38)4/3/4/9/7/2/12) 53; 8. Tatiana Drozdovskaya (BLR,10/5/7/7/5/2(18)11/10) 57; 9. Haddon Hughes (USA,(32)18/3/2/1/5/11/12/6) 58; 10. Svenja Weger (Potsdam,5/1/6/9/10/8/16(26)20) 75;

Hansa 303 M:
(9) 1. Piotr Cichocki (POL,(2)2/1/1/1/1/1/1/1) Punkte 9; 2. Christopher Symonds (AUS,1/1(11)2/2/2/3/3/6) 20; 3. Jens Kroker (Hamburg,(7)3/2/3/3/3/4/2/2) 22; 4. Jingkun Xu (CHN,3/13/5(13.5,5/6/2/4/8) 46; 5. Chang Hoon Lee (KOR,9/7(26)8/7/13/5/7/3) 59; 6. Sergio Roig Alzamora (ESP,11/6/7/4/4/11(12)12/7) 62;

Hansa 303 W:
(9) 1. Violeta Del Reino Diez Del Valle (ESP,3/3/1/2/2(5)1/3/1) Punkte 16; 2. Ana Paula Gonçalves Marques (BRA,3(8)2/4/3/8/3/5/4) 32; 3. Cherrie Pinpin (PHI,(9)6/3/9/1/3/2/7/5) 36; 4. Clytie Bernardo (PHI,5/4(11)5/9/2/7/2/2) 36; 5. Jana Mestre (ESP,7/6(11)1/6/6/5/4/3) 38; 6. Magali Moraines (FRA,1/3/7/6(8)4/6/6/6) 39;

(10) 1. Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo / Dimitrios Tassios (GRE,1/1/2/2/1/1/1/3(5)5) Punkte 17; 2. Enzo Balanger / Gaultier Tallieu (FRA,(7)3/3/2/1/2/2/7/3/2) 25; 3. Lennart Kuss / Paul Arp (Rostock,4/2/1/5/5/3/2/4/1(11)) 27; 4. Daniel Göttlich / Linus Klasen (Berlin,1/1/1/1/2/1/1/12/12(46)) 32; 5. Matt Logue / Shawn Harvey (USA,8(47)8/6/7/3/4/6/2/1) 45; 6. Yannis Saje / Lukas Haberl (AUT,9/2/4(14)4/7/3/2/8/7) 46;

Melges 24:
(8) 1. Lennart Burke / Johan Müller, Valentin Ahlhaus, Daniel Schmidt, Thore Petersen (Nisdorf,(11)1/3/2/1/1/1/1) Punkte 10; 2. Jan Kähler / Thorsten Glabisch, Ole Harder, Knud Stegelmann, Tina Lülfink (Hamburg,(11)3/2/3/3/2/3/3) 19; 3. Stefan Gründler / Franzi Vosswinkel, Henriette Werneyer, Johannes Beyer, Kai Harder (Ammersbek,1/2/1/1(11)11/2/2) 20; 4. Martin Thiermann / Nico Lehmann, Max Thiermann, Mareike Thiesen (Nürnberg,2/4/7/5/2/4/4(11)) 28; 5. Marcus Moerchen / Max Merz, Fernando Dinkelmeyer, Jonas Frei (Weißenburg,(6)6/4/6/6/3/5/4) 34; 6. Pascal Radue / Calvin Lim, Pu Fang Ching, Wei Chong Tan, Jens Rohn (GBR,3/5/6/7/4/6/6(11)) 37;

(8) 1. Jens Marten / Justus Braatz, Terje Klockemann, Tobias Strenge (Eckernförde,(27)1/3/2/1/1/7/1) Punkte 16; 2. Gordon Nickel / Morten Nickel, Nils Merten Färber, Sebastian Röske (Stade,1/2/7/3(36)13/5/3) 34; 3. Philipp Bruhns / Valentin Gebhardt, Sven Rüggesiek, Moritz Bruhns (Berlin,3/9/1/6(14)4/2/11) 36; 4. Björn Beilken / Alexander Beilken, Jork Homeyer, Tobias Teichmann (Berne,(31)10/2/4/3/5/3/15) 42; 5. Peter Kohlhoff / Sören Brandt, Max Kleinsorg, Melanie Kohlhoff (Strande,2(44)12/11/10/2/9/2) 48; 6. Martin Fahr / Carsten Jacob, Florian Triebel, Jörg Wenzel (Berlin,5/16/8/1/13/10(29)4) 57;

(8) 1. Martin Menzner / Frank Lichte, Mika Rolfs, Nils Beltermann (Stein,4/1/1/1/1/1/2(22)) Punkte 11; 2. Hauke Krüss / Ole Sartori, Fritz Waßner, Bernd Ehler (Helgoland,3/2/3/2/3(4)1/2) 16; 3. Ulf Pleßmann / Katrin Jahncke, Carsten Vollmer, Andreas Benkert (Jork,2/3/2(4)2/3/4/1) 17; 4. Olav Jansen / Peer Jansen, Finn Jansen, Lars Kahl (Strande,1/4(22)5/4/2/8/5) 29; 5. Torsten Voss / Rainer Bläß, Rainer Stiemke, Roland V. Franco (Flensburg,(8)5/4/3/6/6/3/3) 30; 6. Tim Huemme / Gesa Lüthje, Christian Knop, Peer Lüthje (Eutin,5(12)5/8/7/7/9/4) 45;

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