Kieler Woche 2021: Waszp fly at Kiel Week

30 Foilers expected - Short information, quick decision and long enthusiasm - Bahnsharing with 2.4mR

Paul Farien (Kiel) is a self-confessed Waszp sailor and the voice of the class in Germany. Photo: gel

This also influences the class policy of Kiel Week (June 19-27, 2021), so that in addition to the Olympic Nacra 17 and iQ Foils, the Waszp will be competing in Part 1. Once again, Kiel combines tradition and innovation. Up to 30 Waszp are expected in June. There were already registrations from Denmark, Germany and Great Britain at the end of February.
In total, 25 Olympic and international disciplines, the FAREAST 28R World Championship and the offshore yachts are scheduled. ‘Our goal has always been to invite all the Olympic and attractive classes, to remain innovative and to maintain proven classes that are loyal to Kiel Week. In doing so, we want to appeal to new active sailors, but also to regular Kiel Week competitors with our class portfolio’, says Kiel Week Regattas Organizing Director Dirk Ramhorst.
After the ‘Foiling’ competition was open for every entry at Kiel Week 2019, and only the Moth managed to get a small field, the Waszp has picked up steam in the past two years. 950 boats have been sold in three years, and the Waszp is now sailed throughout most of Europe. The class is expected to have up to 30 participants, with the potential to become a standard class. And a large number of women are also expected to start in Kiel. ‘There is the Waszp campaign from SAIL GP. It’s called womens invitational’, explains Paul Farien, the voice of the German Waszp community. However, there is no need for a separate classification, because the technique and not the weight decides the success’, Farien adds.
Ferdinand Ziegelmayer is also an absolute foiling fan. The Hamburg-based general importer of Lasers also has the Waszp on stock and raves about flying. ‘The Waszp is the entry into foiling’, says Ziegelmayer. The international appearance at the America’s Cup and the Vendée Globe - in Germany thanks to the impressive images of Boris Herrmann - has made foiling even more popular. ‘We’ve already noticed that more athletes want to give it a try’, explains the Hamburg native’. In Germany, the fleet is growing fast, and most rapidly in Europe. ‘In addition, the first regattas, such as the Kiel Week, offer a great opportunity to try it out. ‘In Germany, the fleet is growing fast, most rapidly in Europe. ‘In addition, the first regattas, such as the Kiel Week, offer great competitions’, Ziegelmayer describes the new trend on foils.

In 2019, the Waszp and Moth competed together at Kiel Week. A total of 24 one-person foiling dinghies from seven nations had entered. Photo:

Bird wings on the T-foils and adjustable outswings (from horizontal for starters to angled for maximum fun) are two key features of the Foiler. The Waszp, designed by Andrew McDougall in 2010, is the low-cost, robust version of the foiling moth. The athlets compare the Waszp as a single-handed option to the Laser. However, the speed is special: the boat flies over the water at up to 27 knots thanks to the foils. With a hull length of 3.35 meters, a width of 2.24 meters and a transport weight of only 50 kilograms, the Waszp is relatively small and easy to transport.
One who has dedicated himself to the class and become its voice is Adrien Paul Farien, who got on the Waszp a year ago. The 21-year-old is an ambassador for the class and answers all questions about boat, technique, training, trim. Thus, the Kiel native is responsible for Facebook, Instagram and the website of the waszp germany, which has not yet established a class association.
Farien found his way from Opti to 29er and 49er to foiling. ‘Due to some circumstances, the way in the 49er came to an end at the beginning of 2020. At that point, the question for me was: What comes next? I definitely wanted to continue sailing in a fast and challenging way’, the sailor from Kiel describes the shift to the Waszp. His coach at the time, Patrick Böhmer, gave him the idea. Short information, quick decision and long enthusiasm are the result.
In the meantime, Farien is part of the three-man Immac Sailing Team with Leo Maechler
and Moritz Bock. The three have, of course, entered for Kiel Week 2021. ‘We expect Kiel Week to be one of the international highlights of the Waszp’, Farien describes it. One week before, the German Open (Segelsport Grönwohld) will take place, so at least the German fleet will arrive in Kiel in time.
As part of Kiel Week, the Foilers will share a race course with the 2.4mR class on a sharing system from June 19-22. ‘Even we in Kiel do not have unlimited courses and race committee crews at our disposal. And we have had good experience with sharing, especially when it is short races, two classes staggered on one course are possible’, said Principal Race Officer Fabian Bach.

Magnus Frohmann (Wind und Welle) is one of the local heroes on the Kiel Fjord. Photo:

Almost 1,000 registrations from 26 nations underline already at the end of February that the athletes vote with their feet and commit themselves to the Kiel Week in June. - Hermann Hell
Part 1: 19 - 22 June: The classes 505er, Contender, 2.4mR, 420er, 29er, Laser 4.7, FD, OK-dinghy, Europe, Laser Radial (Open) are invited. - In addition, there will be the FAREAST 28R World Championship (June 19-23).
Part 2: June 24-27: The current and future Olympic classes: 470 open, 49er, 49er FX, Finn, Laser Std, Laser Radial, Nacra 17, iQ Foils w/m and the classes J/24, J/70, J/80, Formula 18 and Nacra 15 are scheduled.
Further information, registrations and announcements are available at, or

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