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Kieler Woche: Fighting for a ticket to the Worlds - Laser Radial WC - new record at the "Aalregatta"? - Test for the ORC-WC- Para Sailing EC

The Kieler Woche 2018 (16 - 24 June) is again setting new Etmals in quality as well as quantity. At the traditional Kiel meeting at the trade fair "boot Düsseldorf" (20 - 28 January), the mayor of Kiel Dr. Ulf Kämpfer and the Head of Organization for the Kiel Week Regattas Dirk Ramhorst did present the highlights of the Kiel Woche to the round about 300 guests.

Apart from numerous sporty key points, the Vaasa run of the sailing sport "Aalregatta", the Laser Radial Worlds, the German qualification run for the Sailing Worlds in August in Aarhus as well as the Para Sailing EC, the organizers could again present new and faithful partners, whose commitment makes this big event possible.

Gruppe mit Kieler-Woche-PlakatThe Kiel Week 2018 event-poster presentet by athltes officials and sponsors.
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From a classical Kiel Week with 4000 active sailors, 1800 boats, 60 nations and around 400 race starts, Ramhorst (Kiel Yacht Club) did point out the "Aalregatta", the Para Sailing EC and the qualification run for the Worlds in the Olympic boat classes: "After the initial success in the previous year, we would like to make the "Aalregatta" to a real fun run for everyone and are hoping for up to 400 participating crews. Apart from that, we would like to do our bit in 2018 to help bringing the sailing sport back to the Paralympics in Paris 2024 after the success of the Para Worlds 2017. That’s why we will host the Europeans for the Paralympic classes at the Kiel Week.

The World Championship for the male sailors in the Laser Radial and the German qualification runs for the Sailing Worlds are two other highlights. We hope that many top sailors will be using the Bay of Kiel for the end of their preparations." The Kiel Yacht Club is organizing the Kiel Week in its 136. year together with the NRV (Norddeutscher Regatta Verein), the VSaW (Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee, Berlin) and the Hamburg Sailing Club.

Mona Küppers, President of the German Sailors Association DSV, did make a clear statement for the Kiel Week. "The Kiel Week is always an important event for sailors, and also for us, the DSV. Our sailors like to be at the start line at the Kiel Week - on their home territory, on the doorstep so to say", said the representative of the German sailing sport, who expresses her commitment to the competitive sport.

"For me popular sport and competitive sport are two sides of the same coin. Compared to the popular sport, the numbers (of sailors) in the competitive sport are small. But this area is a lot in the focus. The competitive sport creates role models, can have a motivating effect, expresses values, trains and promotes the personality of the athletes." This goes with the Kiel Week, said Küppers.

Kiel’s mayor Dr. Ulf Kämpfer did also point out the importance of the Kiel Week and the location Kiel-Schilksee for the state capital. "Kiel.Sailing.City is the world capital of the sailing sport. And this shall remain like this in the future. If we want to keep that reputation, we have to further renovate and modernize the Olympic center Schilksee in the next years. Together with the federal state we are investing in the infrastructure." Kaempfer did furthermore emphasize the big importance of the inclusion taking place in Kiel.

And the opening ceremony is a highlight. "The opening ceremony of the Kiel Week at the town hall square is always a very special moment also for me. It is a big honor to us, that the Federal President Steinmeier will be giving the start signal for our sailing and festive week. He did show in the previous months, that he is a good helmsman also in rough political sea."

Kämpfer was also pleased about the strong partners from economy. Kiel Week is having faithful and new partners at its side, making a big event like this possible in the first place. The HSH Nordbank has been in the Kiel Week boat for 15 years. In 2018, the HSH Nordbank will again support the campaign "Gut für Kids" ("Good for Kids") with blue and black bracelets. "They became a real Kieler Woche classic in the meantime", said Kämpfer, who pointed out, that 30,000 Euro were collected in 2017 for the good cause. "The success of the ’Gut für Kids’ campaign shows, that the Kieler Woche is much more than a sailing and music event. Our visitors are not just really great in partying - they also have a big heart", stated Kämpfer.

The Audi AG is a premium partner in the Kiel Week boat for the ninth time. "Our Audi presence at the Kieler Woche 2018 will be pretty much the same as last year, with a focus on the activities in Schilksee. Over 1000 guests were in our Audi Lounge with the boathouse style in Schilksee last year. There will be interviews and Audi Sailing Talks. Our Audit guests can again take part in an Audi Sailing Experience or watch the regattas from a high speed dinghy or an exclusive spectator boat. And of course there will again be the Audi e-tron Cup with celebrity guests from the Audi family", said Dr. Elke Bechtold, responsible for Communication Sport at the Audi AG.

A further highlight is the public viewing for visitors at the Kieler Woche in the Audi Sailing Arena in Kiel-Schilksee. The prize giving ceremony and broadcasting of the "Kieler Woche.TV powered by Audi" with fascinating live images from the regattas and entertaining talks with sailing stars are taking place there on a daily basis. Furthermore ten Audi Q7 e-tron for the shuttle service and 15 Audi Q7 as trailer cars will be on site.
This year’s third premium partner is coming from Bermuda. The President and Managing Director of Gosling’s International, Malcom Gosling, did show up in person at the Kiel meeting.

Gosling is supporting more than 100 sailing regattas in Bermuda, the USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Great Britain. In the previous year, Gosling - with its ginger beer and rum - was an official partner of the America’s Cup. "Now we are looking forward to our first engagement in Germany", said Malcom Gosling in Duesseldorf. Gosling will present himself with a bar of 900 square meters in Kiel-Schilksee, which is built to serve 2000 guests, and a 50 square meter bar in town.

The "Unser Norden" village is presenting itself for the twelfth time at the Kieler Woche. Now it is time to initialize the change from the sky super market to REWE, since all super markets shall be rebuilt by 2019. "’Unser Norden’ village is well known and popular as a family oasis and offers not just diverse entertainment program and great stage events as well as a great variety of delicacies at fair prices", stated Martin Czoske, Director of the Supermärkte Nord Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG Kiel.

"With our premium membership we want to be part in making the Kiel Week a colorful and diverse event, where - that is clear - the sailing sport is in the focus. Our goal is to ensure the quality of this special festive week together with the other sponsors and partners", explained Czoske at the Kiel meeting in Düsseldorf. The partnership will be visible with stickers for the bows and buoys in Kiel-Schilksee 2018.

Hans Werner Dornscheidt, Chairman of the Management, did emphasize the practiced partnership between Kieler Woche and boot Düsseldorf. "We will again decorate the entire promenade in Schilksee with waving blue boot flags. And on top there is the boot lounge for the athletes. Here they can meet before the races, exchange information, strengthen themselves and get prepared. After the competitions, live music is bringing the right party atmosphere. I am pleased that we have been active in Kiel for many years now and the boot is literally waving its flag.“


"Aalregatta" as a prelude: Fun run for everyone under sails

With the successful reintroduction of the "Aalregatta" for the Kieler Woche, the Kiel Yacht Club and the Sailing Club Eckernfoerde 2017 did follow the offshore sailors wish and were immediately successful. This year, the organizers are hoping for a new record in registration numbers and the participation of the classical yachts.

"We could cope with 100 yachts more", the Chairman of the Eckernförde SC, Werner Trapp, has announced about the talks with the classical yachts organisation ’Freundeskreis Klassischer Yachten’ at the turn of the year. The word-of-mouth advertising from sailors participating in 2017 also plays its part in the success of this fun regatta.

Klaus-Peter Boock has been starting at the Kieler Woche prelude since 1985. The sailor from Kiel did not miss any prelude regatta with his yacht "Quattro". "Only one time we did deliver the boat to Gotland Rund right after the the regatta. The "Aalregatta" has been the Vaasa run of the sailing sport. It now has to become that again after the reintroduction", said Boock in Düsseldorf, who would like to repeat his victories from 1990 until 2010.


Nord Stream Race: Start in Kiel

Overlooking the big boat fleets in Kiel are the five ClubSwan 50, who will be participating at the Kieler Woche for the first time before starting on Sunday, 24. June, for the Nord Stream Race.

The plans are, that the 15 meter long yachts with their 24 meter masts will be participating in the "Aalregatta" and the ORC Baltic Pre-Worlds (Kiel-Cup).

At the second Sunday, the yachts are leaving for their 1000 nautical mile long trip, leading via Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland) to St. Petersburg (Russia). The five crews are expected to get there around the 6. July.


The top of Germany is fighting for tickets to the Worlds

Frederike Loewe and Anna Markfort want to repeat their victory in the 470. The two 24 year old sailors did win Gold in the Olympic two-man dinghy last year. A victory in Kiel would save their ticket to the Sailing Worlds in Aarhus, since these are granted for the German starters in Mallorca and Kiel. Altogether there are three female crews fighting in the 470 to be allowed to represent the German colors in Denmark. Last year, the pharmacy student and her crew, who did become professional soldier after finishing her studies, were leading the fleet.

"We are happy, that the German Sailors Association DSV is setting up the qualification races at the Kieler Woche. It demonstrates the close collaboration between Kiel and the DSV", the Head of Organization of the Kieler Woche Regattas Dirk Ramhorst is happy. He is hoping for many top sailors using the Kieler Woche as Pre-Worlds.

In any case, the top of the German sailing fleet will again be present at the start line in Kiel-Schilksee in 2018. With an equal point score in the qualification ranking, the best result in Kiel will decide.

Apart from the German Olympic sailors Jurczok/Lorenz (Berlin/49erFX), Lutz/Beucke (Kiel/49erFX), Buhl (Sonthofen/Laser), Schmidt/Boehme (Kiel/49er) and Heil/Ploessel (Kiel/49er) in the Olympic classes, the best Laser Radial sailors will also be competing in Kiel-Schilksee in the second pat of the Kieler Woche.


Laser Radial World Championships at the Kieler Woche

After harmonious and good cooperation at the Laser Youth World Championships in the 4.7, Radial and Standard 2016 in Kiel-Schilksee, 2018 is looking at the next cooperation between Kiel and the Laser class association. From Wednesday, 20. June until Sunday, 24. June, the Radial men are fighting for the Worlds’ title. "The cooperation was good, so that we are pleased to again organize a WC together", said Sven Christensen (Point of Sailing) and Eric Faust (President of the International Laser Class Association) in unison.

After three qualification days, the final races of the gold, silver and bronze fleet will be following on the weekend The organizers are expecting 60 to 80 starters from more than 30 nations.

The Kieler Woche organizers have been integrating World and European Championships into the world’s biggest regatta event since 2009. It started in 2009 with the EC of the 505, followed by the 29er EC in 2014, the J/70 EC and 470 Junior WC 2016 as well as the Para World Sailing Championships last year.


Kieler Woche (16 to 24 June)

Part 1 (16 - 19 June):

29er (Euro Cup, 18 Wettfahrten), 505er, Albin Express, Contender, Europe, FD, Folkeboot, Formula 18, Hobie 16, J/24, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial (Open), OK-Jolle (all 11 races).

Part 2 (20 / 21 - 24 June):

Olympic Classes (20 - 24 June / EUROSAF Champions Sailing Cup / 10 races + Medal Race):
Laser Std. Men, Laser Rad. Women, 470er Women, 470er Men, Finn (+ master ranking), 49er Men, 49erFX Women, Nacra 17 Mixed.

Eurosaf Para Sailing EM (20 - 24 June / 10 races):
Hansa 303, 2.4mR (Open, with extra EC ranking)

International Classes (21 – 24 June / 11 races):
420er, J/70, J/80, Melges 24.


Laser Rad. WC of the men

(20 - 24 June)


Offshore (16 - 23 June)
Aalregatta (16 / 17 June), without measurment (Kiel Rating) und Rendezvous of the Classics.
Welcome Race (16 / 17 June): ORC Club I-IV, Albin Ballad, Multihull.
ORC Baltic Pre Worlds (Kiel-Cup / 18 - 20 June / 9 races): ORCi I-IV + IRC / group ranking
Senatspreis (21 June): ORC Club I-IV Silbernes Band (22 / 23 June): ORC Club I-IV

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