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Even in its 136th year, Kieler Woche still plays a virtuoso performance on the keyboard of festivity: Kieler Woche is the largest summer festival in Northern Europe.

From 16 to 24 June, more than three million visitors from all over the world will be diving into the colourful and multi-facetted life of Kieler Woche.

Around 2.000 events in areas of culture, sailing, summer festival, entertainment, science, politics, industry and sport come together to form a maritime symphony. Visitors are promised nine days of high spirits in the far North.

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Kieler Woche Press Releases

Press release published May 17, 2018 From the foiler to the classics, from the dinghy to the Swan

Johannes Polgar: Sponsor and Active Sailor - National Sailing Team via Kiel to the Worlds - Yardstick at the Aalregatta - Kiel Week App - World Premiere of the Women’s Sailing Champions League - eSailing

Press release published April 25, 2018 The Kiel Week also on a virtual level

The Kiel Week will become virtual. The eSailing Kiel Week winner will be determined virtually on the computer in Kiel-Schilksee. First start to qualify for this new virtual highlight at the Kiel Week will be 2. May.

Press release published December 5, 2017 Eurosaf Para Sailing Championships at the Kiel Week - Helly Hansen signs for five years

The enthusiasm about the perfect integration of the Para World Sailing Championships at the Kiel Week 2017 did cause quite a stir. So granting Kiel to host the Eurosaf Para Sailing Championships in 2018 was the logical consequence.

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