From Kiel to the World - Kieler Woche postponed:
5 - 13 September 2020

In its 139th year, Kieler Woche will focus on its roots again. From 5 to 13 September, the sport of sailing - and with it the historical foundation of Kieler Woche - moves into the centre of attention. And if possible, just a little more.

We are looking forward to the times, when - hopefully next year - around 2.000 events in areas of culture, sailing, summer festival, entertainment, science, politics, industry and sport will come together again to form a maritime symphony.

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Kieler Woche Press Releases

Press release published June 3, 2020 Kiel Week Sets a Sign

Maximum number of registrations in all classes. Concentration on the classes that have contributed to the success of Kiel Week in the past years. Flexibility in dealing with registrations and cancellations. No late entry fee.

Press release published March 19, 2020 Kieler Woche 2020 takes place in September

The current corona pandemic has an impact on almost all areas of public and private life - Kieler Woche is no exception. Kiel’s unique sailing and summer festival thereforewill be postponed to the period from September 05 to 13, 2020.

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