From Kiel to the World - Kieler Woche postponed:
5 - 13 September 2020

In its 139th year, Kieler Woche will focus on its roots again. From 5 to 13 September, the sport of sailing - and with it the historical foundation of Kieler Woche - moves into the centre of attention. And if possible, just a little more.

We are looking forward to the times, when - hopefully next year - around 2.000 events in areas of culture, sailing, summer festival, entertainment, science, politics, industry and sport will come together again to form a maritime symphony.

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Press release published June 24, 2020 Olympic and world champion at the start

Top ten of the Laser sailors in Kiel - Difficult tasks for the active members of the German Sailing Team - no compromises in hygiene regulations

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