Windjammer Parade 2021
Captains' Handbook

The Windjammer sailing parade for everyone unites traditional and modern sailing boats into a collective, unique image on the Kiel Fjord. We are glad that you are part of it.

Moin Moin dear captains and crews,
with a warm "ahoy!" we welcome you to our home port Kiel. We hope that you will spend some extraordinary days in our wonderful state capital by the sea during Kieler Woche 2021.

As a little help during your stay in Kiel.Sailing.City we have collected all important information in this handbook. However, should anything be unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you at any time.

Under the motto #JoyofLife, traditional and modern sailing boats will create a collective and unique image on the Kiel Fjord. We are glad that you are part of this special experience. You will enrich the sailing parade for everyone.

We wish you a pleasant stay and the best sailing conditions for the coming days.

Your state capital Kiel



At a glance

Traditional sailing ships will be free of charge
This year we will again waive the fees for habour due, ship berth and quay dues.

Welcome culture
All traditional ships are welcomed personally and receive a welcome gift as a thank you.

The concierge service will be happy to answer all your organizational questions.

Bread roll service
For breakfast on board we have arranged a service that will provide you with fresh bread rolls every day.

Kieler Nachrichten
Every morning we deliver the daily news with a hot-off-the-press issue of the Kieler Nachrichten.

From water to land
We provide you and your crew with strip tickets for public transport. With these you can travel through Kiel and all the way to Schilksee.

Viele Segelschiffe auf der Förde

Parade on Saturday, 11 September, 2021 - Windjammer sailing parade for everyone

  • 9.30 am

    The participating ships are ready to leave port.

  • 9.45 am - 10.25 am

    The ships have left their berths and proceed to their waiting areas (Picture A).

  • 10.45 am

    In case of favourable wind, sails will be set in the inner fjord. This does not apply to the sport boats.

  • 11.00 am

    Start  – The ships leave according to the assigned formation. A small group of traditional ships leads a group of modern ships.

  • 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm

    Finish – The imaginary line between the light buoys 5 and 6 is passed by the participating ships. 

  • 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

    The ships in the Windjammer sailing parade for everyone return to their berths.

Waiting Areas | Picture A
Kieler Förde aus der Luft mit eingezeichneten Wartepositionen für die Teilnehmenden

Course of the Parade
Luftbildaufnahme der Kieler Förde mit Paradekurs Zeichnung

Parade Formation
Darstellung der Formation für die Segelparade


A parade will be formed and sails from the waiting areas outward bound on Saturday September 11th, 2021. The leader of the Windjammerparade will be the sail training ship “Alexander von Humboldt II”.


The participating vessels are arranged in divisions from Alpha to Foxtrot. Each division has a leading ship (guide). These guides are ordered alphabetically, containing the number one: A1, B1 etc. They are followed by a formation of other sailing ships numbered A2, A3 etc., B2, B3 etc.

From 09.30 am onwards, the participants of the parade are ready to leave their berths. The members of the different divisions Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc. proceed to their waiting positions on the east banks. 

Between 10.50 am and 11.00 am the parade director on board the “Alexander von Humboldt II” makes the starting signal via VHF channel 11

Afterwards, the leading ships leave their waiting positions by divisions and proceed north within the buoyed shipping channel.

ATTENTION: The ferry ”Color Magic“ will arrive at the turning basin (54°19,6‘N 10°09,2‘E) at about 09:30 am. The ship will turn and head backwards towards berth 21, Norwegenkai.

The Windjammer sailing parade for everyone proceeds northeast with an approximate speed of 4 knots and passes the lighthouse Friedrichsort. It finishes when the imaginary line between the light buoys 5 and 6 has been crossed. After crossing the finish line, please continue sailing in a northerly direction. This way the following boats have enough space. In any case, avoid sailing into the known regatta fields in Strander Bay.

Those who want to return to the port of Kiel are only allowed to do so when the last ship of the parade has finally crossed the line between the light buoys 5 and 6.

The leading ships (guides) of the divisions A–G have a pilot on board.

From 09:30 am until the end of the parade, all participants, safety advisers and official vessels have to keep watch on VHF channel 11. 

Participants who are not able to keep their position in the parade due to certain technical problems have to leave the formation according to navigational rules. They have to inform the DIRECTOR
via VHF and call for tug assistance if needed.

There is enough distance to be kept between the ships. The captains are responsible for the navigational safety of their ships.

Spectator vessels are not allowed to interfere in the forming-up on the east side of the fjord. They are free to sail alongside the parade once it has started. Out-bound traffic has to depart from the berths in the port of Kiel by 10:30 am at the latest.

Berths have been allocated at the Sartorikai, Germaniahafen, Willy-Brandt-Ufer, Bahnhofskai, ZTS (Seefischmarkt) and Blücherbrücke and at Tiessenkai. All changes will be announced by port authority.

Charts and / or nautical handbooks may be obtained from:

Nautischer Dienst Kiel
Maklerstraße 8, 24159 Kiel
+49 431 33 17 72


Order of the Parade
A0 MS Scharhörn (Einsatzleitung)
A1 Alexander von Humboldt II
A2 Albin Köbis A3 Clara A4 Concordia
A5 De Albertha A6 Samyrah
Vertigo Germania VI Kandooma Never Blue Aquamarin
Haffstrom II Sea View Broström Calypso Mahalo
Rococo Lore Allegra Snorre Klaar Kiming
B1 Swaensborgh
B2 Ebba Aaen B3 Ella B4 Ethel von Brixham
B5 Zephyr
Betty Blue Azart Charlo Aquarius Schedir
Libertas Vela Navicula
Enjoy For us SY Thula Malta Fa‘ Rao Alraune
C1 Thor Heyerdahl
C2 Eye of the Wind C3 Hendrika Bartelds C4 Freja
C5 Lisa C6 Belle Amie
Yale Blue
Pitti Moneypenny
Traute Jovel Grand Lilli D.
La Vida
Orca Salty Dog
D1 Mare Frisium
D2 Jane D3 J.R.Tolkien D4 Hansekogge
D5 Twister D6 Jachara
SY Tigger
Malin Vinga
Lias III
Rakete Struntje V
SY Pleasure Fjorgyn
E1 Albert Johannes
E2 Meander E3 Stortemelk E4 Mildred
E5 Artemis
Unda S.
Wilde Lutzi
Ocean Harmony
Lyngsletten CJ Legend True Love Sal Moby Dick III
F1 Abel Tasman
F2 Regina Maris F3 Seestern F4 Vegesack BV2
F5 Zuiderzee
Baltica Lady Liz Vaiana Robin Lotta C.
Maffie Nølle SY Jim io
SYKranich Four Constellation Mare X
Traditional ships
Ship's nameFlagLength (m)Beam (m)Draft (m)BerthType
Abel Tasman NLD 40,50 6,50 2,40 Kiellinie C4 2-Mast-Schoner
Albert Johannes NLD 46,00 5,90 1,55 Blücherbrücke 3-Mast-Schoner
Albin Köbis DEU 24,00 5,00 2,20 Sartorikai Gaffelketsch
Alexander von Humboldt II DEU 65,05 10,06 5,10 Sartorikai Barkentine Grosssegler
Artemis NLD 59,00 7,00 3,50 Sartorikai 3-Mast-Barkentine
Belle Amie DEU 28,00 6,30 3,10 Tiessenkai Logger
Clara DEU 10,00 2,50 1,50 Spoha Wellingdorf Jugendsegelschoner
Concordia DEU 17,50 4,00 1,90 W.-B.-Ufer Kielschwertgaffelketsch
De Albertha NLD 33,50 5,20 1,10 W.-B.-Ufer Cornish Trader
Ebba Aaen DNK 24,00 4,85 2,50 Germaniahafen Haikutter
Ella DEU 12,80 3,50 2,00 Germaniahafen Colin Archer
Ethel von Brixham DEU 30,00 5,80 2,90 Blücherbrücke 2-Mast-Gaffelschoner
Eye of the Wind GBR 40,23 7,01 2,70 Tiessenkai Brigg
Freja DEU 18,00 4,25 2,30 Germaniahafen Gaffelkutter
Hansekogge DEU 24,24 7,78 2,60 Seegartenbrücke Hansekogge
Hendrika Bartelds NLD 49,00 6,65 2,80 Blücherbrücke 3-Mast-Schoner
J.R. Tolkien NLD 42,00 7,80 3,00 Blücherbrücke Gaffeltoppschoner
Jane DEU 14,80 4,40 2,20 Germaniahafen Haikutter
Lisa DEU 14,50 3,76 2,20 Germaniahafen Haikutter
Mare Frisium NLD 49,00 6,70 3,30 Sartorikai 3-Mast-Schoner
Meander NLD 25,16 6,20 3,10 Blücherbrücke 2-Mast-Stagsegelschoner
Mildred DEU 13,40 3,00 1,80 Germaniahafen Gaffelkutter
Moby Dick III DEU 18,50 4,65 2,30 Bahnhofskai Ketsch
Regina Maris NLD 48,00 6,90 2,80 Blücherbrücke 3-Mast-Schoner
Seestern DEU 19,75 3,80 1,80 Sporthafen Wellingdorf Gaffelketsch
Stortemelk NLD 39,90 6,50 2,90 Blücherbrücke 2-Mast-Schoner
Swaensborgh NLD 49,00 5,85 2,30 Blücherbrücke 3-Mast-Toppsegelschoner
Thor Heyerdahl DEU 49,38 6,53 2,65 Sartorikai 3-Mast-Toppsegelschoner
Twister NLD 28,00 6,90 2,40 Blücherbrücke 2-Mast-Schoner
Vegesack BV 2 DEU 35,60 5,40 2,50 W.-B.-Ufer Gaffelketsch
Zephyr NLD 35,00 6,00 2,20 Blücherbrücke 2-Mast-Schoner
Zuiderzee NLD 40,00 6,80 2,30 Blücherbrücke 2-Mast-Schoner
Private Boats
Boat's nameLength (m)Beam (m)Draft (m)Type
Allegra 13,21m 4,20m 2,30m Baltic 43
Amica 10,30m 3,30m 1,80m Scalar
aquamarin 10,75m 3,35m 1,80m Comfortina 35
AQUARIUS 10,00m 3,50m 1,90m Segelyacht
Azart 10,00m 3,30m 1,80m Segelyacht
Baltica 13,00m 3,60m 1,20m Grand Banks
BALTICA 11,99m 4,25m 0,90m Motoryacht
Betty Blue 12,30m 3,90m 2,10m Segelyacht (Dufour 40 Performance)
BROSTRÖM 7,50m 2,80m 0,90m Motorsegler
Calypso 12,84m 4,30m 1,80m Gib Sea 43
Charlo 8,80m 2,85m 1,56m Ohlsen 8.8
CJ Legend 21,76m 5,31m 4,20m Maxi Racer
Constellation 11,20m 3,85m 1,90m Dufour 375
Cornelia 11,89m 4,00m 2,50m Comfortina
Emma 12,20m 3,70m 2,40m Grand soleil 39
ENJOY 11,35m 3,75m 1,95m Hanse 370
Fa' Rao 11,00m 3,30m 1,40m Nauticat 33
FIMET 12,88m 3,99m 1,90m Segelyacht
Fjorgyn 11,18m 2,75m 1,75m Luffe 37
For us 10,00m 3,00m 1,00m Motorboot
Four 11,35m 3,75m 1,85m Hanse 370
Haffstrom II 10,40m 3,50m 1,87m HANSE 345
Hannah 10,16m 3,20m 1,60m 6KRSY
Happyland 11,30m 3,75m 2,20m Segelboot
Imagine 10,35m 3,40m 1,85m Hanse 341
io 12,20m 3,25m 2,05m Luffe 40
Jim 11,00m 3,55m 1,70m Bavaria 1060
JOVEL 10,65m 3,10m 1,60m Vindoe 50SL
Juka 11,30m 3,85m 1,95m Segelschiff
KaMa 10,60m 3,40m 1,70m Dehler 34
Kandooma 10,50m 3,50m 1,90m Segelyacht
Klaar Kiming 10,00m 3,00m 1,50m Alpha 32
KOILLINEN 11,55m 3,55m 1,85m GER 4226
Kranich 12,30m 3,90m 2,20m Elan 410
La Vida 12,50m 4,00m 2,00m Segelyacht
Lady Liz 13,10m 4,10m 1,20m Motoryacht
Libertas 11,30m 3,55m 1,75m Segelyacht
Libertijn 13,95m 4,25m 1,65m Segelyacht Bavaria 44 Cruiser
LORE 11,55m 3,81m 1,92m Segelyacht
Lotta C. 10,10m 3,10m 1,70m SLUP
Lyngsletten 11,30m 3,55m 1,70m HR 36 MK2
Maffie 15,87m 4,65m 1,60m Island Pocket 485
Mahalo 10,00m 3,05m 1,60m Granada
Malin  10,93m 3,44m 1,80m Hanseat 70B
Malta 15,40m 4,75m 1,85m Beneteau 500
Mare X 11,03m   2,20m X-Yachts 362 Sport
MOBY DICK III 18,56m 4,65m 2,30m Ketsch
Moneypenny 11,00m 3,90m 2,09m Hanse
NAVICULA 11,37m 3,70m 2,00m HR 372
Never Blue 13,20m 3,70m 2,30m Luffe 43
Nølle 10,06m 3,36m 1,80m Granada  33
Ocean Harmony 13,75m 4,37m 1,67m Segelyacht
Orca 10,60m 3,40m 1,70m Dehler 34
PantaRhei 10,45m 3,50m 2,00m Hanse 345
Pazan 10,20m 3,00m 1,85m Segelboot
Pharus 10,20m 3,25m 1,60m Vilm 101
Pitti 6,24m 0,90m 2,44m  
PLEASURE 11,40m 4,00m 2,00m Hause 3PS Segelboot
QUATTRO 10,06m 3,40m 1,90m X332
RAKETE 11,35m 3,86m 1,22m Sportboot
Robin 10,10m 3,40m 1,60m SY Bavaria 34
ROCOCO 12,17m 3,78m 2,40m Segelyacht
Ronja 8,30m 2,45m 1,45m Bianca 27
Rooster 14,00m 4,25m 2,50m Stahl Segelyacht
Sal 12,86m 3,85m 2,20m Comfortina 42
Salty Dog 13,50m 3,10m 1,80m Klassische HolzKetsch
Satara 13,28m 3,98m 2,00m Segelboot/ Dehler
Schedir 10,30m 3,00m 1,60m OMEGA 43
Sea View 10,65m 3,45m 1,70m Najad 360
Seagull 10,40m 2,98m 1,65m Sloop, Hanseat 69
Sedna 12,20m 3,48m 2,10m Segelyacht
SKARABÄA 10,80m 3,20m 1,20m Ketch
SLÁINTE 11,70m 3,05m 1,35m Segelyacht
Snorre 10,00m 3,50m 1,90m Segelyacht
STRUNTJE V 14,33m  4,20m  2,50m Segelyacht
Thula 10,28m 3,33m 1,60m Segelboot (Vindö 45)
Tigger 11,20m 3,90m 1,50m Beneteau 361
TJORDIS 10,50m 3,30m 0,90m Motorboot
Traute 10,34m 3,45m 1,60m Segelyacht
True Love 12,45m 3,95m 1,95m Sun Legende
Unda.S  10,70m  3,35m 1,80m Segelyacht
VAIANA 11,19m 3,95m 1,90m Dufour 3,75 grad large
VELA 10,75m 3,45m 1,75m Najad 360
Vertigo 10,30m 3,33m  1,60 m Vindö 45
VINCO 13,00m 4,00m 2,10m Segelyacht
VINGA 8,90m 2,70m 1,60m Ohlson 29 DE Luxe
Wilde Lutzi 10,50m 3,98m 2,90m Segelyacht
Yale Blue 10,00m 3,00m 1,70m Vision
Zephyr 12,40m 3,85m 1,85m Koopmans 41
Zinnober  10,18m 3,02m 1,47m Mistral 33

In the interest of their guests / passengers, ships in this division can follow the parade, accompany the parade outside of the formation or allow the parade to pass from a safe, permitted position. Safety first!

Steamers and acompanying ships
Ship's nameFlagLength (m)Beam (m)Draft (m)Berth
Bris DEU 13,65 3,05 1,10 Querkai
Bussard DEU 40,60 8,10 3,30 Museumsbrücke
Ekke Nekkepen DEU 24,00 5,80 1,60 Pegelbrücke
Elch DEU 22,50 6,50 1,96 Willy-Brandt-Ufer
Freya DEU 51,60 11,40 2,20 Bahnhofskai
Sønderborg DEU 29,26 5,60 1,60 Bahnhofskai
Sprott DEU 17,06 4,20 1,36 div.
Stadt Kiel DEU 29,00 7,30 2,40 Seegarten
Stettin DEU 51,75 13,43 5,60 Bastion
Woltman DEU 22,24 5,54 2,50 Museumsbrücke
Other Traditional Ships in Kiel Harbour
Ship's nameFlagLength (m)Beam (m)Draft (m)BerthType
Banjaard NLD 38,00 5,80 2,00 Tiessenkai 2-Mast-Schoner
Björn DEU 9,00 2,50 1,45 Germaniahafen Logger
Catherina NLD 39,50 6,30 2,90 Tiessenkai 2-Mast-Toppsegelschoner
Freedom DEU 34,00 6,50 3,00 Hörn-Querkai Gaffelschoner
Galatea DEU 10,65 3,15 0,80 Germaniahafen Kutter
Gorm DEU 12,86 3,30 1,50 W.-B.-Ufer Motorsegler
Gothmann DEU 24,00 6,00 1,00 Bahnhofskai Raddampfer
Greetje DEU 12,50 3,60 1,25 W.-B.-Ufer Barkasse
Henriette DEU 11,00 3,30 1,50 Germaniahafen Zollkutter
Karoline of Kirkwall DEU 15,00 3,80 2,80 Germaniahafen Heringskutter
Knurrhahn DEU 11,75 3,80 1,30 Germaniahafen Krabbenkutter
Libertad DEU 22,65 6,40 1,95 W.-B.-Ufer Kriegsfischkutter
Lovis DEU 36,50 5,50 2,70 Bahnhofskai Fracht Logger
Mirounga DEU 18,00 4,40 1,70 Bahnhofskai Gaffelketsch
Odin DEU 15,00 5,00 2,10 Germaniahafen Gaffelgetsch
Odin DEU 26,20 7,02 1,50 W.-B.-Ufer Schlepper
Sampo DEU 21,00 4,60 1,82 Germaniahafen Gaffelketsch
Sternchen DEU 6,50 1,70 0,80 Germaniahafen frz. Küstenfischerboot
Sturmvogel DEU 13,00 3,35 2,10 Germaniahafen Gaffelketsch
Zuversicht DEU 30,00 6,00 2,20 Germaniahafen 2-Mast-Schoner
Viele Segelboote und Schiffe auf der Windjammerparade auf der Kieler Förde bei Sonnenschein

Your Contacts

Port authority (head office)
+49 431 901 10 73

Port authority (head office)
+49 431 901 11 73

Port authority (Berths)
+49 431 901 20 64  oder +49 431 901 20 66

Hafenamt (Service 24/7)
+49 171 649 73 73

Schleusenmeister „Neue Schleuse“
+49 431 360 34 65

Verkehrszentrale NOK
+49 485 288 53 69

Pilot station Kiel Leuchtturm
+49 431 360 34 36

Pilot station Kiel-Holtenau
+49 431 36 28 58

Hauptzollamt Kiel
+49 431 66 390

Bundespolizeiinspektion Kiel
+49 431 98 26 18 70

Hörnbrücke, Leitstelle SFK
+49 431 594 12 63

Kiel, Lorentzendamm 28-30
+49 431 592 10 50

Kiel, Rendsburger Landstraße 187
+49 431 68 99 102

Great Britain
Kiel, Maklerstraße 11-14
+49 431 33 19 71

The Netherlands
Kiel, Europaplatz 5
+49 431 980 2100

Hamburg, Gründgensstraße 20
+49 40 61 18 70

Hamburg, Am Feenteich 20
+49 40 22 95 201


Water police station Kiel
+49 431 160 16 10

Police boat „Falshöft”
+49 151 12 23 32 09

Fire brigade


Municipal Hospital Kiel
Chemnitzstraße 33
+49 431 16 970

University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein
Campus Kiel, Arnold-Heller-Straße 3 
+49 431 59 70

Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Bremen
+49 421 53 68 70 (24/7)

Seenotrettungskreuzer „Berlin“ of DGzRS (Laboe harbour)
+49 171 211 10 33

In Kiel gibt es Reparaturmöglichkeiten jeglicher Art.

Tugs are available on demand. The leading ships (guides) of the divisions A–G have a pilot on board.

In Kiel you can find all kinds of repair facilities.

Gebr. Friedrich Schiffswerft
Prieser Strand 15 a, 24159 Kiel
+49 431 39 42 70

Lindenau GmbH - Schiffswerft und Maschinenfabrik
Christianspries 30, 24159 Kiel
+49 431 39 930

Rathje - Yacht- und Bootswerft
Prieser Strand 14 a, 24159 Kiel
+49 431 220 920

KSK Kai Service Kiel Ostufer GmbH
Ostuferhafen 15, 24149 Kiel

Your Concierge Service Crew:
+49 160 99827747

Bunker One Germany GmbH
Dalwitzhofer Weg 22a, 18055 Rostock
0381 779 98684

  • Stationed in Kiel and all other german harbours
  • Opening times: daily
  • Delivery will be made by barge or fuel tanker
team energie GmbH & Co. KG
Wittland 12, 24109 Kiel
0431 64856

  • Opening times: daily 7a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Delivery will be made by fuel tanker

Garbage containers are situated ashore, close to the vessels.

Pumping the bilges is strictly forbidden.

The port’s collecting devices must be used to hand in sewage and oil residues.

Information can be obtained from the Port Authority:
+49 431 901 11 73 oder
+49 171 64 97 373

Segel eines Traditionsschiffes