Ten Reasons to Love Kiel Week

Wondering what sets Kiel Week apart? Check out our core values and some of the services offered below.

1. Sustainability

Kiel Week is in accordance with World Sailing's Sustainability Agenda. As a leading nation in recycling technology and waste management, Germany already serves as a role model. Kiel Week strives for more.

This year, with a straw-free policy and a focus on improved onsite waste management and education, Kiel-Schilksee looks to not only take strides in becoming a more sustainable and green event venue, but also engage the public in this crucially important topic.

Read more about our sustainability concept here

2. Live DJs & Music

DJs and artists will be create a vibrant ambiance and an upbeat nightlife atmosphere for sailors and visitors alike.  Over the course of the week, many different genres will be represented- so whether it's charts, indie music, electro, or reggae that gets you in the groove, put on your dancing shoes, come out and make some amazing memories! Always a highlight is the firework on Tuesday!

3. Audi Trailer-Service

Arrivals and departures are made truly stress-free as your trailer is taken and manoeuvred for you by our fleet of Audi SUVs.

This makes it quick, easy and efficient for everyone. Because who doesn't like to leave the hassle at home?


4. Kiwo.App - all the Information You Need in one Spot

So that our sailors have a comprehensive but simple overview of everything happening in Kiel-Schilksee, we have developed the "Kiel Week App" with together with Accenture.

The app can be accessed via  https://kiwo.app and provides all important information, from results and protest times to social events and the weather forecast.

5. Class Associations Barbecue

Come together after the racing day and enjoy a shared barbecue with your own racing fleet or others.

The perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and share the highlights of your day!

6. Live TV coverage, highlights, and replays

Want to watch the action from the harbour or the comfort of your own home?

Exciting live footage will be presented online by Kieler Woche.TV in German and English as well as in the Audi Sailing Arena in Kiel-Schilksee.

7. Repair Services - North Sails and International Farbenwerke

Long day on the water and your equipment took a bit of a beating? The North Sails service point in the race village can take care of a damaged sail in no time.

The boat got a little too friendly with the others? No worries. Boat repairs are undertaken by our specialist team from International Farbenwerke on site, and broken parts will be repaired or sourced.

8. Internationality

Kiel Week is international- this applies not just to the visitors and sailors!

All ten race areas are staffed with international race officers (IROs) and international jury (IJs), and are headed by our Principal Race Officer Nino Shmueli (PRO).

Plus over 400 volunteers from all over come to Kiel-Schilksee and help ensure things run smoothly.

9. Healthy and Nutritious Food

To be compete successfully, you need to fuel your body!

We know how important food is to our athletes and offer healthy and nutritious food to all competitors on site at a fair price. We understand what you want to eat during a regatta and endeavour to provide good options.

10. SAP Sailing Analytics

Where did I win or lose the race?

Find out at the analytics presentation after racing, where experts from SAP Analytics will provide insight on your sailing tactics.