From Kiel to the World

In its 140th year, Kieler Woche will take place from 4 to 12  September, again concentrating on its core: Sailing.

An extraordinary, international atmosphere. One of the largest sailing events in the world. Regatta sailing at the highest level. Unbeatable class diversity. This is Kiel Week.

From Kiel to the World

In its 139th year, Kieler Woche will focus on its roots again. From 5 to 13 September, the sport of sailing - and with it the historical foundation of Kieler Woche - moves into the centre of attention. And if possible, just a little more.

We are looking forward to the times, when - hopefully next year - around 2.000 events in areas of culture, sailing, summer festival, entertainment, science, politics, industry and sport will come together again to form a maritime symphony.

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World's biggest Sailing Event


The postponement to September has an impact on the sailing part of Kieler Woche. Numerous classes had already placed their championships in the autumn, which now overlap with Kieler Woche. "We will provide the framework for a top-class event," promises Dirk Ramhorst, Head of Organization of Organizations of the Kiel Week regattas.

All classes and sailors are continuously informed about the current planning and the feedback is characterized by mutual trust in the event.

Kieler Woche Press Releases

Press release published September 12, 2021 Erdil, Kördel and Barwinska won

Olympic classes: German Foilsurf victories, Polish wins ILCA 6

Press release published September 11, 2021 Silver for Croatia, bronze for Austria

World Championship medals awarded to the star boats at Kieler Woche

Press release published September 11, 2021 Clear the stage for pure suspense

The fog lifted, the wind picked up slightly: just in time for the final race of the Star Class World Championship during Kieler Woche, the stage was set on the 1972 Olympic venue.

Press release published September 10, 2021 Kördel and Steinlein fly in front

After a nine-year break, windsurfing is back at Kieler Woche. 24 athletes from five nations are competing for victory in the new Olympic iQ Foil class (2024 in Paris) for women and men.

Press release published September 10, 2021 Without risk to a double victory

A few seconds too early and their World Championship ambitions are severely dampened.

Press release published September 10, 2021 Where to put all that power?

They are the role models of sailing: the players in the Finn and Star Class.

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