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Press releases


General contact

Kerstin Graupner
+49 431 901-1007
+49 171 5 32 96 33 

Arne Gloy, +49 431 901-2406 

Arne Ivers, +49 431 901-2513

Julia Meyer, +49 431 901-2595 

Fax +49 431 901-62507


Sailing Regattas

Hermann Hell,
Regatta Spokesperson
+49 172 260 93 50

Up until 20 June
+49 451 89 89 74

As from 21 June
+49 431 24 015-11



Press Centres


Where & when?

Rathaus (Town Hall), Room 280
Fleethörn 9, 24103 Kiel

  • 11 - 14 June: 10 - 17 hrs
  • 17 - 22 June: 10 - 17 hrs
  • 23 June: 14 - 17 hrs
  • 24 - 28 June: 10 - 17 hrs
  • 29 - 30 June: 10 - 12 hrs
Your contacts

Arne Ivers, +49 431 901-2513

Julia Meyer, +49 431 901-2595


Fax +49 431 901-6 25 07


Our teams offer a full range of services.

This is where you will receive your press ID.

You can check the programme, send e-mails and make telephone calls.

Current press reports, invitations and press reviews are provided here.

Olympiazentrum Schilksee

Where & when?

Information desk at
Regattahaus, Soling 23, 24159 Kiel

  • 22 to 29 June: 8 - 21 Uhr
  • 30 June: 8 - 18 Uhr

Britt Wenzel
Head of information desk

+49 431 24 015-35
+49 431 24 015-37

Fax +49 431 24 015-39


You will get your press identity cards here. 

Workstations will be set up for you at the Schilksee Press Centre.

Telephones, fax machines, e-mail connections and Internet access will be available.

Current press reports and press reviews, as well as invitations to press conferences and events, are provided daily.

Regatta press conferences

From 22 June onwards, a press conference will be held every day at around 5 pm at the Schilksee Press Centre. The three organisers of the Kieler Woche regattas (Kieler Yacht-Club, Norddeutscher Regatta-Verein, and Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee ) cordially invite you to attend these press conferences.

Dates and times will be announced in good time at the Schilksee Press Centre.

Editorial staff can access regatta results online at

Your contact is Hermann Hell, Regatta Spokesperson
+49 172 260 93 50

Press boats

From 22 June onwards, press boats will be available for your use for reporting from the racing courses, as well as for taking photographs and filming (moored at Landing Stage 4, Nordhafen).

Boarding will take place at the Schilksee Press Centre.

Registration, indicating your preferred regatta course(s), is until 6 pm on the preceding day.

If you are unable to take your place on a trip, please inform us by 8 am in the Press Centre. By doing so, you will give other colleagues the chance to go on the trip in your place.

The fee per person and per trip is 30 euros, payable at the time of registration. This fee can only be refunded if the booking is cancelled by 8 am, either by telephone or in person at the Schilksee Press Centre.


Press ID cards are only issued to accredited members of the press. Only full-time professional journalists will receive them on presentation of an official press card or equivalent document, such as proof of an editorial or broadcasting assignment. Please use the accreditation form provided on this page from May 2020 on.

Accreditation cannot be sent by e-mail. Press ID cards will not be posted. They are only issued against a signature at the:
City Hall Press Centre (from 9 June onwards) and Schilksee Press Centre (from 20 June onwards). Accreditation can only be obtained online.

Your press ID card is a simple way for you to identify yourself as a journalist at events during Kieler Woche. It is useful, for example, at press conferences. It also gives you access to the Schilksee Press Centre. It is recommended that you wear your press ID card so that it is clearly visible at all times.

It does not, however, oblige the various organisers to grant journalists special privileges. It is also not a substitute for an official press card. This applies, in particular, to the backstage areas of individual stages. You will receive information on stage accreditations when you collect your press ID card.

Special accreditation for awarding the Global Economy Prize.

Accreditation for the awarding of the Global Economy Prize is arranged by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (lfW Kiel). Your contact at the IfW Communication Centre is

Mathias Rauck

+49 431 8814-411