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Press releases

Meldung vom 23. Mai 2022 Audi new premium partner of Kiel Week

Kiel Week and Audi - that’s a connection that simply fits. Audi is supporting the shuttle and trailer service in the city center and in Schilksee with its vehicles.

Meldung vom 26. April 2022 The eternally young traditional class

Gold Cup of the Nordic Folkboats as a championship highlight at the Kiel Week


General contact

Kerstin Graupner
+49 431 901-1007
+49 171 5 32 96 33 

Arne Gloy, +49 431 901-2406 

Arne Ivers, +49 431 901-2513 

Sailing regattas

Andreas Kling, regatta spokesperson
+49 172 257 88 17

As from 18 June, 8 - 21 hrs
+49 431 97 99 802 41 


Press Centres

Olympic Center Kiel Schilksee Press Centre in the Regattahaus, Soling 22, 24159 Kiel

where & when

Information desk at Regattahaus 
Soling 22, 24159 Kiel

Britt Wenzel, Head of information desk
+49 431 9799 80240

Regatta Press Conferences

A press conference can be held every day at 5.30pm in the 'Haus der Athleten' at the Olympiazentrum in Schilksee.  The topics will be announced on a daily basis.

Your contact person is Andreas Kling, the press officer of the Kieler Woche regatta. 

+49 172 257 88 17

Press Boats

Journalists who can provide a valid press id or legitimation by their editor's office have the option to use press boats for their reporting. To do so, you need to register directly at the Press Office in the Regattahaus by 6pm on the day before. Please name the regatta courses you wish to go to. 

In general, two trips per day are planned in the morning and afternoon. Places are limited and primarily intended for photographers and TV crews. Boarding starts at the press center in the Regattahaus.

If you are unable to attend the trip, please deregister at the press reception in the regatta house by 8.30 a.m. in the morning. This gives other colleagues the opportunity to participate in this trip. Cancellations are also possible by telephone at the Schilksee Press Centre.

The token fee per person and per journey is 30 euros. It is due at the time of registration and can only be refunded if you deregister in good time by 8.30 am.

Your contact person for press boats is
Britt Wenzel, +49 431 9799 80240



There will be no general accredition for Kieler Woche.

Registration is required for several special events:

  • Official opening on June 18, 2022, 19.30 hrs, Rathausplatz:
  • Prize giving ceremony for the Global Economy Prize on June 19, 2022, 11 hrs, Haus der Wirtschaft: details tba.
  • For media access to stages, backstage areas and other event locations please contact the respective organizer.


Voraussetzung für die Ausgabe von Presse-Kennkarten, Eintrittskarten, Einladungen etc. ist die Akkreditierung. Diese erhalten nur hauptberuflich tätige Journalist*innen gegen Vorlage des offiziellen Presseausweises oder Redaktionsauftrages.

Die Akkreditierung ist ausschließlich online möglich. (Beginn 6. Mai 2019)

Bitte weisen Sie sich beim Abholen der Presse-Kennkarte aus. Die Presse-Kennkarte verpflichtet die verschiedenen Veranstalter nicht, den Journalist*innen Sonderrechte einzuräumen und ersetzt auch nicht den offiziellen Presseausweis. Die Presse-Kennkarten werden nicht zugeschickt, sondern gegen Vorlage des offiziellen Presseausweises oder Redaktionsauftrages in den Pressezentren ausgegeben.